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What is BeachFront U.S.A.?

BeachFront U.S.A. is a nudist activist organization, the oldest in the United States, founded in 1973. It is "dedicated to challenging the state's right to enforce statutory dress-codes at inappropriate places, such as our ocean beaches, where people go expressly to be free from the demands of garmentry," to quote the banner of its newsletter, The Free Beach News.

BeachFront U.S.A. (BFUSA) is the third national nudist organization in the United States, after the American Association for Nude Recreation, Inc. (AANR) and The Naturist Society, Inc. (TNS).

Headquartered at Moreno Valley, California, BFUSA is much smaller than these organization, with a membership which has varied from 360 to just under 100. But BeachFront exists for a different, and more specific, purpose.

Whereas AANR and TNS seem to be content to monitor incipient anti-nudist legislation and respond accordingly__by lobbying, for example, in state legislatures__BFUSA takes an opposite approach. We believe that nudist rights__the right to be let alone__already exist in the federal Constitution's Bill of Rights. Therefore, our emphasis is on offensive, as opposed to defensive, legal action. We exist to initiate aggressive lawsuits designed to force state and federal courts to come face to face with the question of the right of the state to establish dress-codes and enforce compliance with them by police action. We believe dress codes are obsolete vestiges of a time when church (or synagogue or mosque or temple) and state worked in tandem to regulate almost every aspect of people's lives.

Joining BeachFront is one way to help in this struggle to keep our beaches, hot springs, lake shores and river banks nude


BeachFront USA is A Web Site and an Organization devoted to keeping our beaches, rivers, springs, lakes and trails nude, that is, open to use by people who want to enjoy a textile-free life or moment in accordance with the long and widespread American tradition of skinny dipping. For further information, send an email message to