Venice Beach

For a short while, people in Los Angeles area did not have to go to a secluded beach or walk down a dangerous cliff to enjoy the California sun and the Pacific surf nude. They just had to find a parking place at Venice Beach, a coastal community within the city of Los Angeles. The 1972 Chad Smith decision of the California Supreme Court had just stripped the Los Angeles Police Department of any legal right to harrass bathers deciding to do without a bathing suit. That decision simply restated the essense of California's "indecent exposure" laws: mere nudity is not lewd. Chad Smith had fell asleep with skinnysunning at a beach on the San Diego county coastline. The people People did not hesitate to took It took a while for the "nude is luThey California's only offically recognized nude beach was Venice Beach. Unfortunately we can only say now that there are none. The political forces that killed the nude beach at Venice Beach crafted the legal code that is found in local anti-nudity statures throughout California.

The opening of Venice Beach to nude sunbathing and swimming was an aftermath of the California Supreme Court ruling on the case of Chat Smith verus the County of Los Angeles: nudity by itself is not lewd. Chad Smith