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Opinions of the editor of the Free Beach News

The Free Beach News is BFUSA's newsletter and one of the great benefits of membership. The volunteer editors of activist membership organizations, such as BFUSA, are strong energy forces keeping their organizations alive and functioning, especially when the membership is scattered and does not come together significantly in a physical meeting. Without the enlightening nexus of an organization's newsletter tying its members together, it may well died as members go off seeking even the vacarious interaction with facts, events and people that a newsletter or even a newspaper represents. Hence volunteer editors are humored a lot and allowed to write freely since it is often only their words that can be found to fill the pages. The editorials expressed solely the opinion of the editor, not necessarily the view of BFUSA.

Available here as pdf files will be the most recent Free Beach News's editorials as well as selected ones from past issues.

May-June 2001: We’re a Bit Down (Once Again), But Far From Out.

March-April 2001: Abram’s Numerous Progeny and What Can Be Done About Them.

September-October 1998: Brave Nude World.



BeachFront USA is A Web Site and an Organization devoted to keeping our beaches, rivers, springs, lakes and trails nude, that is, open to use by people who want to enjoy a textile-free life or moment in accordance with the long and widespread American tradition of skinny dipping. For further information, send an email message to