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Let an old American tradition thrive!

Have you seen George Washington's bathing suit? You never will. In all probability, whenever he took a plunge in the Potomac after tossing a coin across the river, he did so in the nude. Skinny dipping is an old American tradition, practiced in this land from the arrival of the Native Americans to this very day and hour on our beaches, lake shores and river banks, at our hot and cool springs, in our home pools, wherever water provides an invitation to splash, swim or soak.

Why else would skinnydipping be celebrated in movies as a part of American life? Take the opening scenes from that Disney classic Polyanna! The viewer follows a train to a bridge over a creek. At the creek, the camera shifts to the bare backside of a boy swinging on a rope from the bridge to splash among his fellow skinnydippers in the creek. Or consider the movie Jaws. Did the woman in the opening scenes dive into the ocean with her clothes on? No!

Do you think Huckberry Finn or Tom Sawyer wore a bathing suit when they swam in the mighty Mississippi? Is not the classic American prank hiding a friend's clothes while she or he enjoys the local swimming hole?

Have you ever swum at the Y or an establishment college? Many supposedly staid American colleges have a tradition of nude swimming at their pools, as do many YMCAs and YWCAs in various cities throughout the United States.

We could go on and on with detail after detail. The point is that nude recreation is very much a part of the American tradition and diversity. As such, this innocent practice is worth preserving__as a form of self-expression, as a part of the pursuit of happiness, as a way of getting away of it all, "including clothing."; And as a forum in which people work together to create an orderly human minisociety, the way they do at many hot springs and nude beaches.


Innocent, you say! Those seeking to purge this tradition from this land do not see nude recreation as innocent. They shout "Ban this sex, perversion and immorality!" though clothing is our only protection against the evils of this world.


Such moralists ignore the possibility that abuse, harassment and exploitation are most often done by individuals wearing clothes. Do you think the senators groping senate aids in the capital's elevators take off their own clothes on the way down? In fact, the moralists probably throw lots of money at these senatorial gropers since votes for such moralistic legislation are regarded as political hay: "Do as I vote, not as I do."


The reality at the nude beaches and hot springs is instead one of people working together to keep such evils of the world from ever disturbing the enjoyment of the water, the breezes, the sun and the conversations.


BeachFront USA is A Web Site and an Organization devoted to keeping our beaches, rivers, springs, lakes and trails nude, that is, open to use by people who want to enjoy a textile-free life or moment in accordance with the long and widespread American tradition of skinny dipping. For further information, send an email message to