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What is the Callen-Davis Memorial Fund?

When BFUSA re-appeared in 1986, its leaders felt that rather than mixing its legal financial needs with its operating budget (chiefly, the expense of publishing The Free Beach News), it would be better to have a separate "war chest," money raised by contributions from individual nudist and nudist organizations. In keeping with this idea, the "Eugene Callen Memorial Fund" was established, specifically earmarked to be used only to pay legal fees incurred in BFUSA-sponsored lawsuits.

The Fund was named for BeachFront's founder and first President, Eugene Callen, who died of cancer in 1979 while still fighting to preserve and establish nudist beaches. When one of BFUSA's leading activists, William "Dave" Davis similarly died of cancer while still engaged in freebeach activism, the Fund was re-named "The Callen-Davis Memorial Fund."

Control of the Fund is solely in the hands of a 9-person Board of Directors, which has changed little since 1986 and which includes some of the leading nudist activists in the U.S.:

Deceased Directors--

Since its inception, the Fund has taken in over $32,000, including $21,000 donated by the Western Sunbathing Association.

For practical purposes, BeachFront U.S.A. controls the Fund through interlocking directorates. Non-BFUSA Directors__who add balance and breadth to the Fund__are knowledgeable about, and share, BeachFront's goals and strategies. The Fund is growing slowly after the last court action, donation by donation.


BeachFront USA is A Web Site and an Organization devoted to keeping our beaches, rivers, springs, lakes and trails nude, that is, open to use by people who want to enjoy a textile-free life or moment in accordance with the long and widespread American tradition of skinny dipping. For further information, send an email message to