A Web Site and an Organization
devoted to keeping our beaches, rivers, springs, lakes and trails nude,
that is, open to use by people who want to enjoy a textile-free life or moment
in accordance with
the long and widespread American and Native tradition
of skinny dipping and just going nude.

Since BeachFront USA and its web site strives to maintain the American tradition of nude recreation and life style, please expect to see the human body as it has been seen throughout American and human history wherever water, air and land invite skinny dipping, air baths and unmediated environmental contact.

If you are either:

offended by discussions and illustrations of nudity within the context of this American tradition
of an age deemed unable to handle such discussions and illustrations, that is, within the common age restriction of 18 years or younger seen on web sites,

please move on to other sites.

Otherwise, enter the BeachFront USA Web Site, if you wish.